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<aside> πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Illinois Women In Computer Science Explorations' official page! More information about WCS can be found on Here you can find resources and opportunities towards learning and navigating your way through Illinois CS:


<aside> πŸ—£ Anyone can be a part of WCS! You do not have to be a girl πŸ˜„


Question Box: ask any question anonymously related to learning technical concepts or pursuing a career in tech!

Events + Initiatives


General Workshops

Explore with Explorations!

Git Gud @ Git

Digging Into Databases (with Hack4Impact)

Interview Resources

β†’ Book resume reviews, mock technical, and mock behavioral interviews during WCS Open Office

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β†’ Look out for our Leetcode Socials

Interview Prep Resources

dev-ada is Explorations' Spring project cycle!